We are a team composed by 15 architects, practising our profession since more than 20 years. We lead several projects of all types and sizes, like housing developments, private houses, town halls, schools, nurseries, des écoles, des crèches, rest homes, senior housing... not only in Wallonia.
We already started working outside Belgium. We have a project of 350 residential units in Pierrepont (France) and a HQE housing development in Marrakesh (Morocco).

Having developed other skills, we can now offer additional missions such as:
- feasibility studies including the calculation of the risk,
- ecodistrict urbanization analisies and planning system,
- interior architecture details like customised furniture design and colour planes.
Internal cells develop several researches in different fiels such as the perception of movements in space, new ways of living, material innovation, circular economy...
We are skilful, flexible, fast and accessible. Our slogan can be resumed in three words PASSION COMPETENCE CREATIVITY.


CREATIVE ARCHITECTURE : giving meaning to dreams.


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Créative Architecture construit au Maroc – COP 22

La COP 22 débutera ce lundi à Marrakech et réunira les plus grands décideurs mondiaux autour des questions climatiques. Le Verviétois Jean-Paul Godefroid y prendra part pour présenter son projet ‘Marrakech Resort’. L’originalité de cet ensemble immobilier touristique ‘zéro énergie’, confié au bureau liégeois Créative Architecture, a particulièrement retenu l’attention par son caractère durable : […]

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