Business sector


We work on behalf of individual customers to build new family houses or to transform and/or to extend existing residential units.

Our projects are built in a traditional way or with a wood frame structure.

We are specialised in low-energy and passive buildings realisations. We also deal with the building energetic performances in all our projects.

Since 2004 we participate in the concept "Construire avec l'énergie" (Building with energy) thanks to the Wallonia Region and we are encouraged to develop sustainable and energy efficient buildings. In this context, our office received the Belgian Energy Prize in 2007.

Concerning the housing sector, our competences have been expanding till the development of group housing projects such as, for example, the renovation of old factories into lofts in Ensival, Dolhain and Ans, the realisation of family houses or apartments blocks neighborhoods in Stembert, Andrimont, Ans, Mons-lez-Liège, Crisnée, Spa, Verviers, Liege, ...

Public sector:

We dedicate our profession in a large part to the public sector in several fields:


But also to the field of the seniors:


These rest houses projects represent for us more than 1.000 beds.

Tertiary sector:

We have a rich experience in the construction of industrial and commercial buildings.

Since 15 years we lead all the LIDL stores projects in the province of Liège and of Luxembourg.

We also completed the construction of the new workshops and offices (~ 12,000 m²) of the Services Management on behalf of the Techspace Aero - Groupe Safran company, located in the Hauts-Sarts zoning in Milmort (Herstal).

We are working on the Liège site development of the Shanks Liège-Luxembourg company as well as the workshops and offices of the Belgium Metal company in the Plénesses zoning in Thimister.

Créative Architecture construit au Maroc – COP 22

La COP 22 débutera ce lundi à Marrakech et réunira les plus grands décideurs mondiaux autour des questions climatiques. Le Verviétois Jean-Paul Godefroid y prendra part pour présenter son projet ‘Marrakech Resort’. L’originalité de cet ensemble immobilier touristique ‘zéro énergie’, confié au bureau liégeois Créative Architecture, a particulièrement retenu l’attention par son caractère durable : […]

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